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Silver and copper disinfection ion generator with a plastic body, incorporating a plastic flow switch. Maximum working pressure 9.0 bar. For cold water use only

2415 Water conditioners - Disinfectant ion generators
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This product actively uses copper for microorganism control purposes. These are subject to the EU Biocidal Products Regulation EU 528/2012. The EU Commissions’ decision of 13 February and 26 June 2014 granted the UK limited essential use derogations only for the control of legionella and limits the range of applications where this product can be used. Users should ensure these types of products are used in accordance with the authorisations issued by the HSE. Users should refer to the HSE website to keep themselves up to date on progress or for further information – legionnaires/faqs.htm
22mm spigot inlet & 22mm push fit outlet.
ProEconomy Limited and Ray on adhesive label on body
Installation Requirements:
R001 R150 R170 R290 R415
Ray unit
ProEconomy Ltd
Company Name
ProEconomy Ltd
42 Vandyke Road Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire
01525 854 111

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