Product Approval Meeting Dates

Product Approval meetings are held regularly to review applications for WRAS approval.

Please be advised that the Scheme does not guarantee that submissions received by the cut-off date will automatically be presented at the next Product Approval meeting. Whilst the Scheme administrators make every effort to process applications in time for the next meeting some applications will not be presented if they do not provide sufficient accurate information. Applicants and their agents are advised to ensure that all the details requested by the Scheme are provided in the application.

Submissions must be presented to WRAS no later than 1pm on the submissions deadline day.



Submissions Deadline

Approval Review Meeting

23rd May

15th & 16th June

29th June

20th & 21st July

3rd August

1st & 2nd September

14th September5th & 6th October
19th October9th & 10th November
23rd November14th & 15th December
4th January

25th & 26th January

8th February1st & 2nd March
15th March5th & 6th April
19th April10th & 11th May
23rd May (1 day early due to Bank Holiday)14th & 15th June
28th June19th & 20th July
2nd August6th & 7th September
20th September11th & 12th October
25th October15th & 16th November
29th November19th & 20th December

The terms of reference for the Product Approvals Advisory Group can be viewed here.