FAST TRACK - A new service from WRAS

WRAS is offering fast-track approval assessments for manufacturers.

Each Assessment cycle, 10 applicants can now opt to have their application fast-tracked before our regular Product Approvals Advisory Group review meetings. These opportunities, are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

T​his allows applicants who have a reduced window to gain an approval, the opportunity to have their application reviewed first and have direct feedback on any issues identified.

What are the benefits ?

Our team has years of experience in certification, testing, product design, manufacturing and understanding the Water Fittings Regulations.

A fast-track assessment can:

  • Identify and resolve queries much more quickly
  • Identify any queries with the test report (resolution will depend on your chosen test laboratory)
  • A fast-track application will be reviewed first and any queries discussed directly with you – maximising the opportunities to resolve queries
  • Speed up the overall approval process.

H​ow much will it cost?

  • A​ Fast-Track assessment will cost £100 plus VAT per application.
  • This will be paid directly to WRAS and is in addition to the standard application fees.

H​ow do I apply for Fast-Track?

I​f you would like to take advantage of this service you can apply to stating the following information:

  1. Applicant Company Name
  2. Contact name
  3. Contact email address
  4. Contact Phone number
  5. Sample number provided by the test laboratory
  6. The anticipated review cycle date that the application will be received

W​hat happens next?

WRAS will:

  • Let you know if there is a Fast-Track slot available
  • Issue proforma invoice information and allocate a reference number for the application
  • Review the application on submission and provide feedback on any issues identified.

Please note a fast-track application doesn’t guarantee your product will be recommended for approval at the next group meeting.


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