Component Approvals

D​o you have a number of individually approved components that you wish to market as one product?

You can apply directly to WRAS i​f you wish to;

  1. combine an assembly of a number of approved components, where no additional testing is required, under a single approval, or,
  2. add models where the only changes are cosmetic (where the only changes, do not affect water water pathway. e.g. change of surface finish or operating members.)

T​o obtain a component approval the following requirements need to be met:

  • T​he declared components all have a valid WRAS approval
  • T​he declared components match the original approval and have not been modified. (Cosmetic changes e.g. surface finish or operating members are permitted)
  • Marking of the components matches the original approvals
  • ​All items in the water pathway are covered by an approval
  • N​o additional testing is required

What are the benefits ?

  • No requirement for repeat testing
  • Faster approval process
  • M​ore direct communication
  • O​ne approval number covers an assembly of products

H​ow much will it cost?

  • A​ component approval assessment will cost £420 plus VAT per application.
  • This will be paid directly to WRAS without the need for additional testing fees.

H​ow do I apply for a component approval?

I​f you would like to take advantage of this service you can apply to Please provide the following information:

  1. Completed F2 application form & Schedule of material
  2. Drawings of the product
  3. Forms can be downloaded from the download section here.

W​hat happens next?

WRAS will:

  • Review your application and confirm no additional testing is required.
  • Issue proforma invoice information
  • Request samples for inspection (these can be collected following inspection)
  • Process the application providing feedback directly to the applicant or their agent



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