Laboratory Recognition

WRAS Approvals has published a new Test Laboratory recognition policy.

WRAS Approvals has updated its new laboratory recognition policy, to

  1. ensure that the product certification system gains, and continues to have, full confidence in the test reports that are used as part of the evaluation of products and materials for WRAS Approval and

  2. ensure that WRAS Approvals complies with the requirements of ISO 17065; the International Standard for the conformity assessment of bodies certifying products, regarding the acceptance of test reports as part of the evaluation of products compliance with the water regulations.

Our plans for implementing this WRAS Laboratory Recognition scheme in 2020 have been impeded by the pandemic, with local lock-down restrictions preventing WRAS Approvals from undertaking the inspections that were planned to take place in August and September.

Since the pandemic is likely to be with us for some time to come, WRAS approvals has considered how laboratory recognition can be safely implemented.  We have carefully studied the current restrictions, issued by the UK Government and the Welsh Assembly, and believe that WRAS cannot undertake the inspections required to confirm Recognition until it is safe to do so with appropriate precautions applied. These will be agreed with the laboratories over the coming months.

Rather than further delay publishing the list of Laboratories that are formally recognised by WRAS, we have decided to list the Laboratories that WRAS Approvals currently recognise.  This short term recognition of the laboratories has been granted based on our historical relationship and working experience with that organisation and is awarded with the proviso that the planned inspections are completed by the end of 2021 (Covid restrictions permitting).

Applications from laboratories where there is no ongoing relationship will not be listed until the Laboratory has been successfully inspected.

Laboratory Recognition Requirement Documents

Click here to download a copy of the requirements for the Recognition of Test Laboratories (WRAS.Cust-405) for WRAS Approval.

Click here to download a copy of the Test Laboratory Agreement (WRAS.Cust-404) for WRAS Approval.

Click here to download a copy of the Application form for Recognised Laboratory Status (WRAS.Cust-405F1)

Contact us to register in interest in Laboratory Recognition and to request an application form.

Code of Practice

Click here to download a standard printable version of the WRAS Approvals Code of Practice (WRAS.Cust-402)


Click here to download a standard printable version of WRAS Approvals Impartiality Policy (WRAS.Admin-103)

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