Testing Requirements

The regulators specification consists of a series of 203 test code sheets. For an individual water fitting or  assemblies of fittings, a number of test code sheets are likely to be applicable.

To search the test code sheet (TCS) matrix click here -  Test Code Sheet Matrix Search


For the purposes of WRAS Approvals only.  

This matrix is guidance only and suggests test code sheets (TCS) which may be likely to be applicable to a generic/typical fitting or assembly in order to obtain a WRAS Approval. WRAS retains absolute discretion to decide what it considers to be a generic/typical fitting or assembly in this regard. In addition, a product may contain additional components, which may affect test requirements (and which, therefore, are not reflected in the guidance). For the avoidance of doubt, this may mean that additional tests from the Regulator Specification TCS to those listed in the matrix may be required for the purposes of the WRAS Approvals scheme. You should seek advice from your test laboratory about the test code sheets and any tests that apply to your product.

The WRAS Approvals test code sheet guidance matrix is subject to change. Where changes to the matrix are proposed, WRAS approvals will publish the change at its discretion. If you have a query about the matrix or believe that the matrix should be updated, please contact the WRAS Approvals team. 


You can use our search to look for common fittings or assemblies of fittings or go straight to an individual test code sheet. We have listed useful search terms under the headings below:

  • Section 1 -  lists types of individual fittings you can search on
  • Section 2 – lists assemblies of fittings that you can search on

WRAS accepts no liability for loss of goodwill, business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure (whether reasonably foreseeable or not) or indirect or consequential loss arising from or in connection with the matrix.

On the basis the matrix is guidance for the purpose of the WRAS Approvals scheme, no reliance should be placed on the matrix for the purposes of evidencing that a product complies with the requirements of the water fittings regulations, or for the purposes of carrying out testing in connection with a WRAS Approvals application. We further refer you to the limitations of our liability in connection with the WRAS approvals scheme.

Section 1 - Individual Fittings

Section 2 - Assemblies of Fittings (NB. Additional to tests to fittings comprising assembly)


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