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Updated F2 and supporting guidance

18 Jul 2023

W​RAS have updated the F2 application form. CHANGE 1: Appendix D has been added and includes check boxes to identify if the application is submitted via a laboratory or if it is submitted directly to WRAS. WRAS require the section to be completed in full for all applications submitted directly to

Updated Secondary Form F3

18 Jul 2023

T​he secondary approval form has been updated. T​he new form includes a declaration section on product marking. This section is to assist with product inspection and provides applicants the opportunity to keep the marking that is on the primary approval or to introduce marking that is linked to the

New Water Storage Scheme

1 Feb 2023

WRAS is pleased to announce that it's launching an improved application process for hot and cold water storage. This follows a review of the process and feedback from a number of manufacturers. The W​RAS approval scheme currently identifies issues with up to 85% of all initial applications

New Fast Track Service

11 Nov 2022

Is the clock ticking for you to gain trusted certification for your plumbing products? WRAS is now offering fast-track approval assessments for manufacturers. Ten applicants can now opt to have their application fast-tracked before our regular Product Approvals Advisory Group review meetings.

Updated F2 Application Forms

29 Sep 2022

WRAS has updated the F2 application form for Product Approvals. The updated form includes more clarity on what may be accepted as evidence for technical drawings and photographs The form (version 3) also includes an additional question regarding the incorporation of backflow protection in the

F2 Guidance

7 Dec 2021

A guidance document is now available to assist applicants in completing the F2 application form. The guidance document can be found here .

Dual Flush

19 Nov 2021

WRAS study shows millions of people confused by short flush and long flush options. UK households could save water and cut water bills with simple changes. WRAS findings released on World Toilet Day. Toilet manufacturers are being urged to rethink the design of some dual flush buttons after new

WRAS Awarded UKAS Accreditation

12 Aug 2021

WRAS has been accredited by UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service), bringing new, additional assurances for customers using the WRAS approvals scheme. This accreditation provides WRAS’s customers with third party assurance that it is technically competent to approve products and materials

New F2 Application Forms

29 Jul 2021

WRAS has introduced an updated F2 application form for Product Approvals along with a separate Schedule of Materials (SoM) . The new form includes some additional requirements and provides more clarity in specific areas. Following feedback from a number of applicants the schedule of materials has

WRAS separates services to create two new businesses

1 Apr 2021

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) has separated its subscriptions and approvals activities into two separate businesses, Water Regs UK and the Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS). The move follows an internal review and a series of in-depth surveys of members, stakeholders and