The fees listed below are paid to WRAS to manage the administration of approvals.  

Please note WRAS does not carry out any testing of products or materials. You should contact your chosen test laboratory to confirm the cost of testing. WRAS is independent of the test laboratories and has nothing to do with test laboratory pricing structure. 

From 1st April 2022 WRAS prices for approvals will be increasing. All applications submitted to WRAS after this date will be charged at the new rate.

Approvals will be charged at one of three levels, depending on the type of product, The price level is determined by the WRAS Approval Directory Section that the product falls into. Refer here to identify price level of each directory section.

Product Approval 

New or renewal applications:

    Direct application to WRAS:

  • Level 1 - £420
  • Level 2 - £462
  • Level 3 - £504

If issues with the application are not resolved in the review cycle and information needs to be updated and the application resubmitted in subsequent reviews, an additional charge (£157) will be made.

The granting of an approval permits the approval holder to use the certification mark in association with the product.

Modifications/Additions to a current approval

Additions and modification to a current approval, where no testing is required, will cost £140.

Please contact WRAS to identify if additional testing is required.


Secondary Approval

Applications should be made directly to WRAS. Secondary approvals will cost £180

Additions and modifications will be charged at £140.


Fast - Track Service

​Fast-Track assessments will cost £100 in addition to the standard application fees.


N.B VAT will be applied at the appropriate rate where applicable.

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