The fees listed here are paid to WRAS to manage the administration of approvals.  

Please note WRAS does not carry out any testing of products or materials. You should contact your chosen test laboratory to confirm test fees. WRAS is independent of the test laboratories and has nothing to do with test laboratory pricing structure for test fees. 

Product Approval 

New or audit applications prepared and submitted by:

  • Accredited test laboratory: between £181.00 plus VAT and £362.00 plus VAT  (N.B. Please note a discount may be applied where the test laboratory submit high volumes, applications are of good quality, the test laboratories resolve outstanding queries with the applicants and present the sample to a PAG meeting).  
  • Applicant or other agent: £362.00 plus VAT

Fees permit use of the mark for up to five years for successful applications.

Modifications/Additions to a current approval

A modification to a current approval costs between £84 and £167 plus VAT dependent on the complexity. Please contact WRAS to confirm the cost of any proposed modification.


Secondary Approval

A secondary approval relies on a primary approval, where the product is then re-branded and can be sold by the applicant under a different brand name. This only applies to products that require no further mechanical or materials testing. It may only undergo changes that do not affect how the product would perform in mechanical and materials tests.

Secondary approvals cost between £84.00 and £167.00 plus VAT dependent on the complexity and correct information being presented first time. Please contact WRAS to confirm the cost of any secondary approval.