The fees listed here are paid to WRAS to manage the administration of approvals.  

Please note WRAS does not carry out any testing of materials. You should contact your chosen test laboratory to confirm the cost of testing. WRAS is independent of the test laboratories and has nothing to do with test laboratory pricing structure. 

Material Approval

Materials Approval (New or Re-approval) - £420.00

The granting of an approval permits the approval holder to use the certification mark in association with the material during the lifetime of the approval.


Provision of Material Test Requirements

Issuing test requirements for limited testing for the re-approval of a material - £100

Issuing additional test requirements following notification of a test failure - £100

Issuing test requirements for a range of sizes - £100

Re-issuing test requirements where the previously issued requirements are over 12 months old - £100

Re-issuing test requirements within 12 months with modification £50


Additions to a current approval

Addition to a current approval modifications to a current approval - £420


Modification of an approval

Modification of an approval - £100


Secondary approval

Secondary approvals - £180


Please contact WRAS for further information.

N.B. VAT will be applied at the appropriate rate where applicable

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