WRAS test and acceptance criteria (test code sheet number and type of test)

WRAS Approvals test and acceptance criteria set out below, have been developed by WRAS Approvals as scheme requirements. As scheme requirements they are used for the purpose of obtaining a WRAS approval only. 

WRAS is not responsible for enforcement of the water fittings regulations nor does it have any statutory powers. A WRAS Approval does not guarantee a water fitting will be accepted by water companies or that enforcement actions will not be taken.  Site specific circumstances will be relevant such as aspects of the plumbing system design in which the fitting is installed, as well as water company terms and conditions of consent As a scheme requirement, no reliance should be placed on these WRAS Approvals test and acceptance criteria for the purposes of designing or producing any product, and you should seek your own legal advice in this regard.

WRAS, accordingly, accepts no liability for loss of goodwill, business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure (whether reasonably foreseeable or not) or indirect or consequential loss arising from or in connection with the WRAS test and acceptance criteria.

No reliance should be placed on the test and acceptance criteria, or the granting of an Approval under those criteria, for the purposes of evidencing that a product complies with the requirements of the water fittings regulations.

  • 4001.1     Contamination test of air bubble unvented hot water storage systems
  • 4001.2     Flow Test
  • 4001.3     48 hour hot water test
  • 4001.4     Vacuum on secondary circuit
  • 4001.6     Clarification - EN 13959 : 2004 ‘Anti-pollution check valves – DN6 to DN250 inclusive Family E, Type A, B, C and D
  • 4001.10   Leak tightness of waste outlet with push down pop-up waste mechanism (non-adjustable click type)
  • 4001.11   Visual Inspection 
  • 4001.12   Endurance
  • 4001.13   Tension- (Resistance to pull-out of assembled joint - single pull) 


  • 1111.4 *1 Closure - Temperature Conditions (Clarification)
  • 1212.6 *2 Accelerated ageing - Clarification (Issue 1)
  • 1212.6 *3 Accelerated ageing - Clarification (Issue 2)
  • 2111.1 *4 Effect upon water quality - BS 6920 Evidence of Compliance Guide
  • 2212.6 *5 Vacuum test (Clarification)
  • 6001.1 *6 Marking for identification - Clarification (Issue 1)
  • 6001.1 *7 Marking for identification - Clarification (braided and unbraided flexible hoses)

*​1, *2, *3 etc. relate to the corresponding test code sheet on the Regulators Specification page.

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