Updated Secondary Form F3

T​he secondary approval form has been updated.

T​he new form includes a declaration section on product marking. This section is to assist with product inspection and provides applicants the opportunity to keep the marking that is on the primary approval or to introduce marking that is linked to the secondary approval holder.

I​t is worth noting that the marking must :

  • be linked to the approval holder or manufacturer and must traceable be in the public domain. Where a company logo is used it must be the full logo and not part of a company name unless it is a trademark or presented as a mark on company literature or website.
  • b​e permanent
  • b​e visible after installation on all products where any part of the approved product is visible after installation

W​here manufacturers mark is the only marking declared the manufacturer will be named on the approval.

Model codes will be accepted as part of the marking if the manufacturers mark or approval holders mark is also present.

T​he updated secondary Application Form F3 can be downloaded from h​ere