New terms and conditions

WRAS Approvals has published new terms and conditions which will be introduced for all new or modified approvals granted from 1st July 2020. These have been reviewed to make improvements to the approvals process and to comply with the requirements of ISO 17065; the International Standard for the conformity assessment of bodies certifying products.

The key changes to the terms and conditions are:

  • An update to clarify the scope of WRAS approvals
  • Clarification of the obligation of approval holders to ensure that products and materials which have approved, continue to conform over the life-time of the approval. This includes the requirement for manufacturers to have a quality assurance mechanism, e.g. ISO 9001 registration or factory process control processes or direct self-monitoring.
  • The right for WRAS to undertake unannounced audits of approval holders facilities as part of investigations.
  • A new section about pre-application advice
  • Product application must be supported by photographs
  • Additional terms for payments, where this is invoiced by WRAS directly
  • Confidentiality clauses expanded to explain what information can be shared with water companies
  • Introduction of the WRAS Impartiality Policy
  • Clarification that secondary approvals can be affected by any changes to a primary approval on which they rely
  • An updated complaints process
  • An updated section on sanctions
  • An updated section on limitation of liability
  • Updated references, including the new laboratory recognition documents and process, new brand guidance, code of practice and WRAS scheme guidance

How will this affect applicants?

If you are applying for a new or modified WRAS approval to be granted from 1st July 2020, you will be agreeing to the new terms and conditions.

Approval applications before that date are subject to the standard terms and conditions v8 issued in November 2014.

How do I get more information?

You can view the new terms and conditions here

For any queries about applying for WRAS approvals please contact the WRAS approvals team on 01495 244 666 (option 1) or email

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