New - Water Storage Application

WRAS is pleased to announce that it's launching an improved application process for hot and cold water storage. This follows a review of the process and feedback from a number of manufacturers.

The W​RAS approval scheme currently identifies issues with up to 85% of all initial applications submitted for approval. This can often lead to unexpected delays for the customer. This new process should make the application process smoother.

T​he changes include:

  • Direct application to WRAS before testing, so queries can be resolved early with direct communication.
  • Product type specific application questions tailored to these products
  • Direct feedback from WRAS specifying test requirements, so only the tests required are completed.
  • Inspection of samples at WRAS prior to testing, so queries can be resolved early with direct communication.
  • P​AAG review prior to testing, so queries can be resolved early.
  • G​ranting of approvals after review of suitable test reports.

From today, water storage devices such as unvented hot water storage cylinders and cold water cisterns will be the first products that can follow this new route to gain a WRAS approval. In the longer term, WRAS will be introducing these changes for all product families.

I​f you would like to take advantage of this service you can apply to stating the following information

  1. Company name
  2. Contact email address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. T​he type of product you wish to approve
  5. The range name of the product
  6. The existing approval number if a re-approval is being requested

I​f you would like more information or wish to discuss the new approach please contact and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the scheme in more detail.

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