New Application form for Product Approvals

WRAS has introduced an updated F2 application form for Product Approvals along with a separate Schedule of Materials (SoM) . The new form includes some additional requirements and provides more clarity in specific areas.

Following feedback from a number of applicants the schedule of materials has been separated from the application form and been provided in Excel format.

Another change is the introduction of a record of amendment form to detail to changes that have been made. This will enable faster processing of applications where changes and corrections are required.

The new form can be used immediately but must be used for any new applications submitted to laboratories after 1st September. Any applications received by WRAS from laboratories after the 1st September will be accepted on the previous version of the form under the condition that it was submitted to the laboratory prior to 1st September 2021 and it is submitted to WRAS with a separate declaration form.

All of the documents are available to download from the forms for download section of the WRAS website here

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