IRN R075

Schedule 2.25(4)

(4) The requirement in sub-paragraph (1)(i) of  Schedule 2.25(4) shall be deemed to be satisfied if, (a) in the case of an automatically operated flushing cistern servicing urinals which is filled with water at a rate not exceeding –

(i) 10 litres per hour for a cistern serving a single urinal;

(ii) 7.5 litres per hour per urinal bowl or stall, or, as the case may be, for each 700mm width of urinal slab, for a cistern serving two or more urinals;

(b) in the case of a manually or automatically operated pressure flushing valve used for flushing urinals which delivers not more than 1.5 litres per bowl or position each time the device is operated.

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