Section Code 2335 : Stop, plastic, self-closing.

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WRAS Approval Number: 2001001

`Water block` self-closing valves with either a natural (white), blue or grey plastic body and a gear driven volume-controlled operation device. The product incorporates a combined EPDM washer and stainless steel strainer and EPDM ‘O’-rings. The product is designed to stop the flow of water once a preset value (in litres) has been reached. User intervention is then required to reset it. Maximum working pressure 10.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 70°C.

  • Section: 2335 Valves
  • Section Subtitle: Stop, plastic, self-closing.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 2001001
  • Expiry date: 31/01/2025
  • Note: R008 only applies to the natural (white) body version. The self-closing function once a pre-set value has been reached has not been assessed and is not considered to be covered by the scope of this approval.
  • Size: ¾” BSP (F) inlet and ¾” BSP (M) outlet
  • Marking: Minimum working flow rate, flow arrow, water bloc, Eltek and 100N/cm2
  • Installation Requirements R001 R008
  • Model
    100041xx Where ‘xx’ denotes the setting notches regulation and packaging type to either a ‘0’ or ‘9’.
  • Factor: Eltek SpA
    Company Name
    Eltek SpA
    Strada Valenza 5/A 15033 - Casale Monferrato (AL) Italy
    +39 0142 335511
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