Fittings for use with Tube and Pipe

Section Code 1120 : Compression, metal, for use with plastic tube.

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WRAS Approval Number: 1909004

‘Kuterlite 700` range of compression fittings with DZR brass bodies and copper compression rings for use with blue polyethylene pipe manufactured to EN12201. Maximum working pressure 12.0 bar. Cold water use only.

  • Section: 1120 Fittings for use with Tube and Pipe
  • Section Subtitle: Compression, metal, for use with plastic tube.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 1909004
  • Expiry date: 30/09/2024
  • Size: 25mm.
  • Marking: KUTERLITE-700, size & technical info on nut. CR on fittings body.
  • Installation Requirements R001
  • Model
    K716 male elbow: 67118 (25mm x ¾” BSP male). K711 male coupling: 67050 (25mm x ¾” BSP male). K717 female elbow: 67135 (25mm x ¾” BSP female). K711LB long male coupling: 67070 (25mm x ¾” male). K717W back plate elbow: 67171 (25mm x ¾” BSP female). K710 straight coupling: 67005 (25mm). K712 female coupling: 67079 (25mm x ¾” BSP female). K718 equal tee: 67169 (25mm). K710IM adaptor: 67044 (25mm x ¾”). K715 elbow: 67102 (25mm). K778B compression ring: 22360 (25mm). K77M copper liner: 22372 (25mm). K730 female tee: 67259 (25mm x 25mm x ½” BSP female). 67251 (25mm x 25mm x ¾” BSP female). K751 stop end: 67348 (25mm). K7242 blanking plug: 67366 (25mm). K778A compression nut: 22353 (25mm).
  • Factor: Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
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    Pegler Yorkshire Group Ltd
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