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WRAS Approval Number: 2007358

Talbot range of self tapping ferrule straps with plastic bodies and a nitrile rubber seal. The product incorporates either a ¾” BSP (M) connection or a 25mm or 32mm push fit connection on the outlet from the cutting arm. For below ground use only. Maximum working pressure 16.0 bar. Cold water use only.

  • Section: 1010 Ferrules
  • WRAS Approval Number: 2007358
  • Expiry date: 31/07/2025
  • Size: See model
  • Marking: Talis logo & size on strap. Ebco and date of manufacture MM/YY on metal banjo.
  • Installation Requirements R001 R008
  • Model
    Talbot Self Tapping Ferrule Strap PVC/PE x FI ¾”: E11912: 63mm PVC/PE x FI ¾ in. E11915: 90mm PVC/PE x FI ¾ in. E11918: 110mm PVC/PE x FI ¾ in. E11921: 125mm PVC/PE x FI ¾ in. Talbot Self Tapping Ferrule Strap PVC/PE x 25mm SDR11: E11910: 63mm PVC/PE x 25mm SDR11. E11913: 90mm PVC/PE x 25mm SDR11. E11916: 110mm PVC/PE x 25mm SDR11. E11919: 125mm PVC/PE x 25mm SDR11. Talbot Self Tapping Ferrule Strap PVC/PE x 32mm SDR11: E11911: 63mm PVC/PE x 32mm SDR11. E11914: 90mm PVC/PE x 32mm SDR11. E11917: 110mm PVC/PE x 32mm SDR11. E11920: 125mm PVC/PE x 32mm SDR11.
  • Manufacturer: Talis-UK Ltd
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    Talis-UK Ltd
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