Pentair Residential Filtration Approvals


`Wellmate` range of expansion vessels with plastic bodies and rubber diaphragms Maximum working pressure 8.6 Bar, cold water use only.

1000 Expansion Vessels
WRAS Approval Number:
Expiry date:
1” NPT (M) (060 to 150) or 1 ¼” NPT (M) (180 to 450)
Marking: Pentair, Pentair logo, model & product info on label on body
Installation Requirements:
R001 R530 R535
WM0060 CE, WM0075 CE, WM0120 CE, WM0150 CE, WM0180 CE, WM0235 CE, WM0300 CE, WM0330 CE & WM0450 CE.
Pentair Residential Filtration
Company Name
Pentair Residential Filtration
20580 Enterprise Brookfield WI 53008-0730

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