How long does the Approval Process take? (Products and Materials)

Product Approvals:

WRAS cannot advise on how long the necessary testing will take. The test laboratory that you choose should be able to advise a timescale. 

Product approval applications are made directly to the test laboratory by the applicant. Once the testing has been performed and the application passed onto the WRAS by the test laboratory, we will aim to process the application within 5 working days.

WRAS will issue approval documentation to successful applicants within 10 working days of a Product Approvals meeting. 

Deferrals which can be resolved by WRAS should be undeferred, issued with their approval documentation and listed on the directory as soon as possible after a Product Approvals meeting. Timescales may vary depending on the reasons why the product was deferred and the number of issues there are to be resolved.

Material Approvals:

WRAS will issue a Material Approval within 10 working days of receipt of a complete and correct application. 

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