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WRAS Approval Number: 2105322

‘Calomax Eclipse’ range of electrically heated counter top or wall mounted catering water boilers. The boilers incorporate a stainless steel cold water feed cistern which has a combined vent/overflow fitted with an insect screen. The water to the cistern is supplied via a solenoid valve which incorporates an approved check valve cartridge, however, the complete product has not been fully tested to demonstrate it provides backflow protection. The water level is electronically controlled via level sensors. The water is dispensed via a manually operated brass bodied (chrome plated)/stainless steel bodied self-closing tap(s) or a push button controlling a solenoid valve prior to the outlet. The counter top models are supplied with a PVC coated flexible inlet hose (¾” BSP (F) x 15mm standpipe) and a push fit adaptor (15mm push fit x ¾ BSP (F)). Maximum working pressure 10.0 bar (to the solenoid valve). Maximum temperature of dispsensed water 90°C for PB3C10 & PB3W5 models and 97°C for all other models. Cold water supply only.

  • Section: 0060 Boilers
  • Section Subtitle: Catering, Feed Cistern or Pressure.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 2105322
  • Expiry date: 31/05/2026
  • Note: R150 does not apply to models with a capacity of 15 litres or less (models 2W3, 3W5, PB3W5, 3W7.5, 3W10 & 3C5C).
  • Size: ¾” BSP (M) (to solenoid valve)
  • Marking: Calomax, model code, serial number and technical information on adhesive label body.
  • Installation Requirements R001 R040 R150
  • Proviso: Where the overflow is directed away from the appliance for connection to a drain, this discharge to drain must be via a type `AA`, `AB` or `AD` airgap, or in accordance with EN1717.
  • Model
    Counter top models dispensing tap: 3C5C (5 litres rapid draw off). 3C10 (10 litres rapid draw off). Counter top models dispensing high tap: HT3C10 (10 litres rapid draw off). HT3C20 (20 litres rapid draw off). HT6C20 (20 litres rapid draw off). Counter top models push button: PB3C10 (10 litres rapid draw off). Wall mounted models Dispensing tap: 2W3 (3 litres rapid draw off). 3W5 (5 litres rapid draw off). 3W7.5 (7.5 litres rapid draw off). 3W10 (10 litres rapid draw off). 3W15C (15 litres rapid draw off). Wall mounted models Push button: PB3W5 (5 litres rapid draw off).
  • Manufacturer: Calomax Ltd
    Company Name
    Calomax Ltd
    Lupton Avenue Leeds
    LS9 7DD
    United Kingdom
    0113 2496681
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