Section Code 2183 : Level control, altitude valve, pilot operated.

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WRAS Approval Number: 1711340

Range of inline pilot operated altitude control valves with blue epoxy coated ductile iron bodies and bonnets. The pilot system consists of spherical valves, in line strainers, needle valve, altitude gauge and a pre-set altitude control valve. The spring rating of the pilot are between 4-20ft (1 to 6m), 10-60ft (3 to 18m) & 40-125ft (12 to 38m). Maximum operating temperature 65°C. Maximum operating pressure 25.0 bar.

  • Section: 2183 Valves
  • Section Subtitle: Level control, altitude valve, pilot operated.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 1711340
  • Expiry date: 30/11/2022
  • Size: 1 ½” (DN40) - 8” (DN200) flanged inlet/outlets.
  • Marking: Singer on body. Manufacturers name, serial number, size and other technical information on data plate.
  • Installation Requirements R001 R110 R120 R511 R570 R577
  • Model
    106 A Type 2
  • Factor: Singer Valve Inc
    Company Name
    Singer Valve Inc
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