Cisterns - non-wholesome use

Section Code 0220 : Cold water storage with cover or roof, metal, sectional.

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Range of open or closed top, circular, sectional, cold water storage cisterns with corrugated & galvanised steel bodies and an EPDM liner.

0220 Cisterns - non-wholesome use
Section Subtitle:
Cold water storage with cover or roof, metal, sectional.
WRAS Approval Number:
Expiry date:
This approval does not include inlet or outlet fittings/connections. For non-wholesome water use only.
2,140 litres – 1,381,210 litres
Evenproducts, model, installation date, nominal capacity, company address, serial number and WRAS approval number on adhesive label on side of tank.
Installation Requirements:
R001 R270 R280 R350 R430
If connected to a mains water supply suitable backflow protection must be installed
TK06, TK09, TK12, TK15, TK18, TK21, TK24, TK27, TK30, TK33, TK36, TK39, TK42, TK45, TK48, TK51, TK54, TK57, TK60, TK63, TK66, TK69, TK72, TK75, TK78, TK81, TK84, TK87, TK90, TK93, TK96, TK99, TK102, TK105, TK108, TK111, TK114, TK117, TK120, TK123, TK126, TK129, TK132, TK135, TK138, TK141, TK144, TK147, TK150. Available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 panels high.
Evenproducts Ltd
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Evenproducts Ltd

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