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WRAS Approval Number: 2001121

Range of commercial dishwashers, glass washers and washer disinfectors, with solenoid valves incorporating a plastic strainer and plastic flow regulator controlling the flow and discharging via a type `AB` airgap (verified by test - suitable for backflow protection against fluid category 5), one on the cold water supply and hot water supply lines to the washing system and another as part of the steam condenser circuit (applicable models). The appliances are available with or without a water softener (ion exchange), steam condenser and additional water supply. The products are supplied with ¾” BSP (F) x ¾” BSP (M) double check valve assemblies (suitable for backflow protection against Fluid Category 3) for installation on each inlet and optional ¾” BSP (M) x ¾” BSP (F) in-line strainers (incorporating a stainless steel mesh) to be installed after the double check valve assembly. Models with a steam condenser circuit include a ‘Y’-piece connector ¾” BSP (F) inlet x ¾” BSP (M) outlets to install after the double check valve or filter (if fitted) prior to the inlet hoses. Maximum working pressure 10.0 Bar. Maximum operating temperature of product and hot supply 60°C. All other inlets are cold supply only.

  • Section: 2390 Washing Machines
  • Section Subtitle: Dish. Washing machines in this section will indicate the category of backflow prevention built into each appliance. The location and the use of the washing machine will determine any additional backflow protection that may be required.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 2001121
  • Expiry date: 31/01/2025
  • Note: These appliances incorporate Fluid Category 5 backflow protection. The double check valves supplied with this product must be installed on all available inlets to maintain the validity of the WRAS approval. Discharge to drain must be via a type AA, AB or AD air gap or in accordance with EN1717.
  • Size: ¾” BSP captive nut (supply hose)
  • Installation Requirements R001 R574
  • Model
    RID 100 & RID 200
  • Factor: W&H Sterilization Srl
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    W&H Sterilization Srl
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