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Wall mounted, concealed, thermostatic blending valves with a brass body, (various finishes - see model). Flow is controlled by a manual diverter valve, diverting the flow between two shower outlets. The temperature is controlled independently via a thermostatic cartridge incorporating a manual override button. The JD-ATS221** model has dome type operating members, the JD-ATS222** model has cube type operating members. Each inlet incorporates a stainless steel strainer and an approved check valve cartridge, however, the complete product has not been fully tested to demonstrate it provides backflow protection. The product incorporates 90 elbow and holder for a shower hose and handset (not supplied). Maximum working pressure 8.0 Bar. Maximum operating temperature 60°C.

2010 Valves
Section Subtitle:
Blending, thermostatic.
WRAS Approval Number:
Expiry date:
This approval does not include a shower hose and handset
¾” BSP (F)
Kind on operating member
Installation Requirements:
R001 R010 R040
JD-ATS221**. JD-ATS222**. Where ‘**’ denotes finish, and can be replaced with: C - Chrome, P - Polished, R - Rose Gold, T - Zirconium gold, G - Titanium gold, L - Lead, PB - Gun black, RS - Rose gold brushed, TS - Zirconium gold brushed, GS - Titanium gold brushed, LS - Lead brushed, BS - Black brushed, NS - Nickel brushed, RM - Rose gold Matt Satin, TM - Zirconium Matt Satin, GM - Titanium Matt Satin, LM - Lead Matt Satin, BM - Black Matt Satin, NM - Nickel Matt Satin, B - Matt black, A - Antique Brass, RA - Antique Copper, YA - Yellow Antique Brass, ORB - Oil rubbed bronze, W - White Polished, BP - Black Polished, CB - Matt Black & Chrome, CW - White & Chrome, GB - Matt Black & Gold or GW - White & Gold.
Guangzhou Kind Architecture Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Name
Guangzhou Kind Architecture Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Unit 8 No 1 Dashadi West Huangpu District

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