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Albion SLP Series of normally open and normally closed solenoid valves with brass bodies, EPDM diaphragms and stainless steel springs. Maximum working pressure 12.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 70°C

2230 Valves
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Solenoid, metal.
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Albion logo, model and other technical information on adhesive label on coil.
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Albion SLP series comprising of: Normally closed: 3/8” BSP (F): SLP10EE*. ½" BSP (F): SLP15EE*. ¾" BSP (F): SLP20EE*. 1” BSP (F): SLP25EE*. 1¼" BSP (F): SLP35EE*. 1½" BSP (F): SLP40EE*. 2” BSP (F): SLP50EE*. Normally open: 3/8” BSP (F): SLP10EE*H ½" BSP (F): SLP15EE*H ¾" BSP (F): SLP20EE*H 1” BSP (F): SLP25EE*H 1¼" BSP (F): SLP35EE*H 1½" BSP (F): SLP40EE*H 2” BSP (F): SLP50EE*H ‘*’ denotes the voltage.
Albion Valves (UK) Limited
Company Name
Albion Valves (UK) Limited
9a Fallbank Industrial Estate Dodworth Barnsley South Yorkshire
S75 3LS

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Zhejiang Eternal Automation Sci-Tec Co. Ltd.
Company Name
Zhejiang Eternal Automation Sci-Tec Co. Ltd.
228 Jiangning Road, Jiangkou, Fenghua

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