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WRAS Approval Number: 1910341

Range of manually adjustable thermal balancing valves (brass body) supplied with a temperature gauge. TREG models: Maximum working pressure 10.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 100°C. SBTREG models: For use with copper pipe, maximum working pressure 10.0. Maximum operating temperature of 95°C.

  • Section: 2345 Valves
  • Section Subtitle: Special combination assemblies.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 1910341
  • Expiry date: 31/10/2024
  • Marking: RWC or Reliance on body.
  • Installation Requirements R001 R120
  • Model
    TREG100060: ½” BSP (F). TREG100065: ¾” BSP (F). SBTREG100060: 15mm pushfit. SBTREG100065: 22mm pushfit.
  • Factor: John Guest Ltd.
    Company Name
    John Guest Ltd.
    Horton Road West Drayton Middlesex
    UB7 8JL
    +44 (0) 1895 449233
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  • Manufacturer: Reliance Worldwide
    Company Name
    Reliance Worldwide
    26-28 Chapman Place Eagle FarmQLD 4009 Australia
    1800 810 803
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