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WRAS Approval Number: 1710704

Range of commercial soak tank utensil washing machines. Flow is controlled by solenoid valve and discharges via a type ‘AA’ air gap arrangement. Maximum working pressure 6.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 60°C.

  • Section: 2390 Washing Machines
  • Section Subtitle: Dish. Washing machines in this section will indicate the category of backflow prevention built into each appliance. The location and the use of the washing machine will determine any additional backflow protection that may be required.
  • WRAS Approval Number: 1710704
  • Expiry date: 31/10/2022
  • Note: This appliance incorporates a Fluid Category 5 backflow prevention device.
  • Size: Stainless steel braided EPDM lined flexible hose assembly with ¾” captive nut end connection.
  • Marking: Grime Reaper on front panel. Grime Reaper logo on lid. Grime Reaper, model, operating info, serial number, date of manufacture (YYYY) on left hand side panel.
  • Installation Requirements R001 R009 R150
  • Proviso: The solenoid inlet must be installed where light is excluded, if this is not possible IRN R150 applies.
  • Model
    GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4.
  • Factor: Grime Reaper Products Ltd.
    Company Name
    Grime Reaper Products Ltd.
    Common Lane Industrial Estate, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
    CV8 2EL
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