New Laboratory Recognition Process

WRAS Approvals has published a new Test Laboratory recognition policy.

WRAS Approvals has updated its new laboratory recognition policy, to

  1. ensure that the product certification system gains, and continues to have, full confidence in the test reports that are used as part of the evaluation of products and materials for WRAS Approval and
  2. ensure that WRAS Approvals complies with the requirements of ISO 17065; the International Standard for the conformity assessment of bodies certifying products, regarding the acceptance of test reports as part of the evaluation of products compliance with the water regulations.

How does this affect test laboratories?

We have asked all test laboratories that are currently recognised, to apply for recognition against the new policy by 30thJune 2020.  WRAS Approvals will write to each laboratory that has met the requirements for recognition and then the test laboratory will be listed on the WRAS website from 4th September 2020, if it has requested such listing in its application.

WRAS will also allow recognition applications to be submitted from any ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories & any appropriate first party test laboratories from the 1st July 2020.

How will this affect applicants?

If a laboratory that is currently recognised chooses not to apply for recognition under the new scheme, test reports produced by that laboratory will no longer be accepted as part of a new application for WRAS Approval.

WRAS Approvals will stop accepting test reports but with the following transitional arrangements:

  • We recognise applicants seeking WRAS approval will have entered into contracts with test laboratories before 14th July 2020, expecting any successful test report(s) to be submitted to WRAS Approvals to support their application. In such cases WRAS will accept test reports as part of a WRAS approval application, where the test laboratory has a contract with its client for testing that was signed and dated before or on the 14th July 2020.
  • WRAS Apporvals will not accept any test reports where contracts between the test laboratory and its client were signed after 14th July 2020.

After 14th July 2020, applicants seeking WRAS approvals should check with their chosen test laboratory that any testing will be recognised by WRAS and that their laboratory is listed on the WRAS website.

How dow I get more information?

You can view currently recognised mechanical laboratories here: /approvals/resources_for_applicants/fittings/contact_details_of_laboratories/

You can view currently recognised materials laboratories here: /approvals/resources_for_applicants/materials/contact_details_for_laboratories/

You can view the new laboratory recognition process documents here 

For any queries about applying for WRAS approvals please contact the WRAS approvals team on 01495 244 666 (option 1) or email

For new test laboratories seeking recognition, please contact us by phone 01495 78 78 48 or email

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