WRAS Approvals' issue Guidance and Conditions

Water company clarifications were published on the WRAS website in March 2019 (wras.co.uk/news/latest/wc_compliance/). In response to these clarifications, WRAS Approvals reviewed its acceptance criteria to grant approvals for WCs, cisterns and inlet valves and how these products are described in its public directory.

WRAS Approvals has received a number of questions from manufacturers which relate to areas where there may be ambiguity in the Regulators' Specifications.

For the purposes of WRAS approvals only, WRAS Approvals has developed guidance and conditions, where an Ambiguity has been identified by WRAS Approvals within the Regulators' Specifications and devised a Suggested Approach which is to be used when assessing products submitted for WRAS approval only.

The identified ambiguities and suggested approaches have been updated and finalised following feedback and have been published within the WRAS Approvals 'Resources for Applicants' section of the WRAS website at wras.co.uk/approvals/resources_for_applicants/gc/.

Next steps

WRAS Guidance and conditions will be applied from 23 October 2019 to all relevant applications. In the case of WCs, cisterns and inlet valves, WRAS will seek apply these to all relevant current approvals.