Changes to Product Approval Meetings

From July 2020 WRAS Approvals is making changes to its approval meetings to comply with ISO 17065; the International Standard for the conformity assessment of bodies certifying products.

Product applications will be reviewed by a Product Approval Advisory Group (PAAG), instead of the current Product Assessment Group (PAG) meetings.  

The PAAG will provide advice to WRAS Approvals, which decision-makers will take into consideration when deciding whether to grant approval. The new advisors have a wealth of experience in enforcing the water fittings regulations.

This change will mean that water industry representatives on the PAG will no longer grant product Approvals  after June 2020. Instead WRAS decision makers will grant approvals.

How will this affect applicants?

This change will not affect applicants or existing approval holders.

Will water companies accept WRAS approved products?

WRAS Approvals recognises that water companies, as enforcers of the water fittings regulations, are solely responsible for determining regulation 4 compliance.  Water companies have the right to decide if they accept a WRAS approval as evidence of compliance or not. The WRAS approval scheme primarily focuses on whether a product conforms to a suitable quality and standard. The scheme cannot indicate whether a product is suitable for the circumstances used. That’s a job for enforcers.

How do I get more information?

You can view the terms of reference for the Product Assessment Advisory Group here

For any queries about applying for WRAS approvals please contact the WRAS approvals team on 01495 244 666 (option 1) or email .

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